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The History of the Varsity Jacket

Aside from our iconic rugby jackets, GOMORUGBY also offer varsity jackets. Varsity jackets are a popular choice among high school seniors because they offer a modern and trendy look and are easy to wear.

Varsity jackets originated from Harvard University. In 1865, Harvard baseball coaches wanted to be able to distinguish and celebrate their best players for their achievements. They introduced thick wool sweaters which were embellished with a large H. These sweaters became known as “The Letterman”.

The Harvard football team in 1875 also adopted this idea to acknowledge the hard work and progress of their best players. The players who wore The Letterman formed an exclusive club which promoted the popularity of The Letterman sweater.

In the early 1900s The Letterman sweater became a wool jacket with leather sleeves and became known as the Varsity Jacket. In the late 1900s, varsity jackets became a fashion trend and were worn by everyone not just distinguished athletes.

Today, varsity jackets are popular among sports teams, senior high school students and a range of other group/teams. They are mostly worn to commemorate a range of achievements or as team wear.

GOMORUGBY varsity jackets are Australian made from the highest quality materials. Our varsity jackets fully customisable from colour to embellishments including embroidery, screen printing and sublimation.


Photo by:  H. Leferbvre